Steve Gerrior

Co-Founder of AscensionSoul

I’m a lifelong spiritual seeker and meditation practitioner. My first teacher was my father who reluctantly left the Trappist monastery at age 26 who instilled in me a relationship with Jesus and a deep love for God. My life was saved at 16 by my first spiritual teacher Ward. I blossomed under his guidance. He introduced me to Transcendental Meditation started by his Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. At 18, I was informally adopted by a Lakota Medicine Man and Ward and I began a journey deep into Lakota spiritual practices that taught me to see all things around me as "my relations".  At 28,  I began a 12-year study with an Indonesian meditation teacher who taught me how to meditate, cultivate and read energies. My Teacher and best friend Ward died Nov 4th 2013. Prior to his death and with his blessing, I began working with Dr. Aaron Anderson. After spending the last 8 years with Aaron, he has graciously asked me to teach his life’s work, starting with The Seven Octaves of Enlightenment. To learn more about Steve, click here.


Aaron Anderson

Co-Founder of AscensionSoul

Author of the 7 Octaves

The Seven Octaves of Enlightenment is the first of 4 master series created by Aaron Anderson, D.C, ND, FASA. He is a retired physician who spent that last 16 years transforming individual’s consciousness into higher states of spiritual awakening and self-realization. Through this work he realized that there were many stages or ‘octaves’ of Enlightenment. From this knowledge, he developed a step-wise series of practices with a singular focus: to move a practitioner into higher states of consciousness and into the 'octaves’ of Enlightenment. To read a personal welcome from Aaron, click here.



CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer)

Been a part of the team since the beginning. While the 7 Octaves comes from no organized religion, Ganesha has asked to be on "the team" and who could say no to this guy.

Next Steps...

To learn more about the 7 levels of the Octaves, click here. If your ready to begin your journey into the 7 Octaves click the Contact Us button to reach out to us. Please note, not all have the foundation for this work, as such we may not extend an invitation to practice this work.