Our Mission

To provide the tools, the guidance and the path that can move you into higher states of consciousness toward an awakened, consistent, and attainable state of Enlightenment, right now!


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Who are you?

Have you passionately moved toward personal growth and development? Have you searched for paths toward higher states of consciousness on your own or with a Master Teacher?  Has your commitment to it transformed your life? Do you meditate or practice yoga daily? Do you practice TM or follow your beloved Guru?

What if you could master higher states of consciousness within the next 12 to 24 months. How would you like to achieve what only a handful of beings have been able to after many decades of arduous practice? Does Enlightenment really have to take 40 years or 40 lifetimes?

If this captivates you, then you are here for a reason. You have found the needle in the haystack, so take the time and learn more about the 7 Octaves of Enlightenment.



Sean G, Boulder CO

"The path is real, without dogma or giving my power away. It has created a live, vibrant awareness that does not fade!"

Next Steps...

To learn more about the 7 Octaves of Enlightenment and this work, click The Work tab to see how one can start the steps toward an awakened, consistent and attainable state of Enlightenment.