Half back of meditating woman relaxing in pose of lotus outdoors

The Octaves

The 1st Octave is attaining a deep state of re-connection to our soul, to our heart and to the anchored knowing that we are loved.

The 2nd Octave is attaining the profound awareness that “I” (the already enlightened self) exist.

The 3rd Octave is attaining the conscious awareness, realization and ongoing experience that I, You, We, are all made in the image of God.

The 4th Octave is attaining the anchored awareness that You, I, We are all made in the image of God at the vibrational and conscious level of Love.

The  5th Octave is focusing our awakened attainments to become aware of the Group Consciousness of Humanity, and to activate our Divine service to humanity.

The 6th Octave is increasing our Enlightenment attainment throughout the entire personality so as to achieve a transfiguration of the physical matter of the body

The 7th Octave is the merging of all the octaves into one Divine union.

This union is then accelerated as a whole and merged through all stages of Divine consciousness. This transformation is then expanded infinitely and then fully anchored and maintained.


Next Steps...

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