The Work

The 7 Octaves are a series of 23 practices that once completed anchor a deep state of Enlightenment. If done consistently it takes 1 - 2 years, not lifetimes, to complete.

The Teacher

Each practice is personally presented and guided by Steve Gerrior, He has over 8 years experience working with the 7 Octaves, and is the only student given permission to teach the 7 Octaves.


The Committment

We are personally committed to helping you on your path. Once you start the path, you are helped at every step. You have to bring the time, do the work and stay committed. We do the rest.


Why Should I Care?

(If you have to ask, then this work is not for you.)

If you have devoted yourself to spiritual growth and are not actively connected to your own state of Enlightenment, or, cannot at will, summon the bliss of your awareness and connection, then this is just what the 7 Octaves is for. Its a series of practices that have been developed by a Master Teacher who set out to develop a step wise compendium that can move a practitioner into higher states of awareness and into Enlightenment.

Why Should I Trust You?

This is an amazing question. There is a short and a long answer.

The short one is: a big part of this work is proactively elevating everyone that is open to taking in spiritual help and guidance. Each practice is done to include not only one's self, but the whole of humanity. Our growth alone is nothing if we don't actively do this work for those that are open receiving it.

The long answer is this: have you ever asked a friend to pray for you? Or asked someone to send you love, energy, healing, or good thoughts? What if you had someone who every time they sat in practice, or did their spiritual work they asked your higher soul if 'you' would like to receive the benefits of advanced spiritual work. Its very cool to experience doing spiritual work for those who are open and willing to participate. If you want to really elevate that experience, imagine opening up yourself to working for the world! Its an actual requirement of the 7 Octaves, as your work, you do these practices for those who are around you, those you love and those you have never met (with their permission). What could we accomplish if we thought about others vs. just ourselves spiritually?


Next Steps...

To learn more about the 7 levels of the Octaves, click here. If your ready to begin your journey into the 7 Octaves click the Contact Us button to reach out to us. Please note, not all have the foundation for this work, as such we may not extend an invitation to practice this work.g.