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I believe we are all Enlightened. The path to that realization is the work. Enlightenment has been given a bad rap. By Gurus from India and Indonesia, I’d been told not to desire it, not make it the goal of my life’s work. Maybe it would happen maybe not. It sounded so….. arbitrary. I worked hard meditating, practicing, always waiting, wondering. I was devoted to my path & my teachers and grew slowly over time.  I gave up on the idea and focused on my my path, maintaining it, weeding it, always working hard to maintain my devotion to it. The realizations came, but then left. Grasped but soon dropped.

Then that changed real quick.

I met Aaron Anderson who said the goal of our work is Enlovenment- a more active (and higher) state of Enlightenment. I worked for the first 2 years and it was like being  in a rocket ship. Each practice had real movement. I could actually feel the growth, I would wake up three days later and see the growth. I began to have a palpable connection to the elements outlined in the meditations……. I’d never experienced this before. (See the About section to read my bio). After a week, I saw real growth, not the high right now and then talk with my Dad and go right back into old patterns, but shit, my growth was there propping me up and changing my reactions, thinking and recovery.  Now I can summon my consciousness (its actually very cool) and like brilliant light, I am.

2 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. I love the way you are speaking. It seems very honest, and speaks to me. I want to know more, but am not sure what kind of commitment you need.

    1. Lawrence John,

      Commitment, yes that’s a good question. Yes there is work to do, but this work is just an extension of your own commitment to your spiritual path. You’re committed to meditate/yoga/something that connects you to the Creator right? So this is just a formal practice that is done daily. Its like a garden, the more you tend it, water it, have it as an intention, the more it produces and grows. But the payoff is greater than amazing tomatoes, its spiritual evolution of your higher self.

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