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The Work

At its simplest, the 7 Octaves are a series of meditations that work in a step wise fashion. Each meditation is utilized by the practitioner until that meditation it is complete, then they advance to the next meditation. Each meditation builds upon the previous in a way that anchors the growth and attainments made by the practitioner.

The practices are conducted over the phone or over Skype. Each practice is personally guided by Steve Gerrior, a meditation teacher who over the last 8 years has completed the entire Ascension series, including the 7 Octaves training program and is the only student granted permission by Aaron to teach the 7 Octaves of Enlightenment globally.

Prior to the session an electronic copy of the meditation is provided allowing the practitioner the ability understand the practice before it begins. The meditation is introduced and basic concepts of the practice are explained. When the practitioner is ready, they close their eyes, and the meditation begins. The experience has been describe as a guided meditation where the practitioner is doing the work, connecting to the various energy sources and completing the various task of the mediation while the teacher is reading the meditation to them.

At each stage the practitioner's energy is read and subtle cues are used to maintain the flow or to acknowledge completion. The practitioner is given as much or as little time as needed to complete the steps within the meditation. After they have finished the meditation, the session is reviewed, suggestions are offered to help the practitioner when they work the practice on their own and scheduling for the next session occurs.  Sessions introduce the meditation and give the practitioner an anchored experience with the work, as they then work the meditation on their own until they are complete and the next practice is scheduled. We encourage a new practice every two weeks.


Next Steps

To learn more about the 7 levels of the Octaves, click here. If your ready to begin your journey into the 7 Octaves click the Contact Us button to reach out to us. Please note, not all have the foundation for this work, as such we may not extend an invitation to practice this work.