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The History

The 7 Octaves is the first of 3 major works created by Dr. Aaron Dale Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. He is a retired physician who spent the last 18 years as an spiritual coach helping transform people’s consciousness into new states of awakening and self realization.

In the late 90’s he developed a system of breathing and visualization that opened his client's Crown Chakras and powerfully expanded their awareness in only three weeks of practice.

"I couldn't imagine a practice could propel me forward with such intensity. I thought this was only reserved for the Guru and took lifetimes to achieve" - Shannon, Boulder CO

Within a year people from all over the country were coming to Aaron for coaching in this method. What he didn't know at that time was that this powerful and amazing “state” of opening the Crown Chakra was just the beginning!

He soon realized that there were many stages or “octaves” of Enlightenment, and he began to research and develop practices that could help his clients acquire these states with certainty.

Then a quantum breakthrough occurred. Aaron created a master series of meditations that moved his clients' forward in stunning efficiency and certainty in their attainment. Now Aaron's clients are achieving in weeks and months what used to take years of dedicated practice to attain.

I was first turned off when I read "do in weeks what took years". Then I experienced it and began to realize this is real, its just works. Its not created to be "faster" than anything just is!

This accelerated path is the opportunity that is available to you. Would you like attain a state of love and light that does not fade in the world that surrounds you? Would you like to raise your children in the field of awareness? Would you like to imbue the grace of enlightenment onto them, from your heart?  Would you like your spiritual attainments to never fade again? Would you like to open yourself to the immense power and love of the energies that shout for joy at the opportunity to help and assist you?

If you are passionate about you spiritual growth and choose to enlighten your own consciousness, contact us now.