How do you teach Enlightenment?

The hardest task in the world? Telling others you found a path, that if it is undertaken, will result in a state of Enlightenment without sounding like: 1) One of those “Hack your Life” websites. 2) Cashing in on one of the most sacred concepts in Spiritual growth. 3) Pissing off those who A: have spent their lives working really hard on their spiritual development. B: Are devotees of a Guru C: those who are actually the individuals I am trying to reach as they already have a practice and the needed devotion to work a spiritual path.

I could make my entire life easier if I packaged it along with a book and a slick speaking tour. How about a story about meeting a Guru snowboarding, and then rushing around the world on a spiritual adventure, saving lives while gaining higher states of consciousness.

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