Yes, I want this, how does it work?

Practices are conducted over the phone or via Skype. You are guided through the meditation, completing each phase of the practice before starting the next until you are done. I personally guide you through the practice reading the energy and supporting your transition through the phases. You will receive an electronic copy of the meditation to follow on your own. I am available for questions and guidance while we work together.

What is the cost?

It is structured either as a monthly fee or pay as you go. Monthly fees are $100 which allows you to work through as many practices as you choose that month (usually 2 practices) or $75 per practice.

How can you read my energy?

I've been taught by several reclusive hermits deep in the mountains of India and Indonesia...just kidding, well not really but I've been taken through all 3 Master Series by Aaron personally. I am trained to "see" your energy to help guide it. Its pretty cool to experience for the both of us.