3(A template for attaining higher octaves of Enlightenment and spiritual awakening in a dramatically easier and more achievable manner with exceptional efficiency)spiritual awakening attained from crown chakra opening meditation

The seven octaves of Enlightenment are seven stages of consciousness that increase in frequency of awakened awareness as one approaches various levels of Spiritual Awakening leading to the theoretical state of full God-Realization. These attainments advance one towards a complete ascension through all dimensions culminating in the reunification of all as God.

These seven attainable states act as hierarchal platform for the
awakening of one’s consciousness. This allows for one to more fully and consciously observe and witness our internal God-Self. This leads one more consciously towards the grand state of complete Spiritual Awakening and full God-Realization.

These seven stages of Enlightenment are non-linear and act to support, augment, realize and anchor the other six states.

The seven octaves will be presented from multiple perspectives so as to make them more understandable.

Initially they may seem complicated , but practically they are easily attainable through specific simply understood practices.

The “First Octave of Enlightenment is “EXISTING”. This is the state that which we are prior to the engagement of mind. This state of consciousness can be associated with the concepts of silence, stillness, the now moment, outside of matter, energy, space and time. It is the state of pure consciousness and the conscious experience of love.

The realization of this state is like universal Soul retrieval and a universal rebirthing. It allows for us to be all here as one complete Soul. If we wish to be fully realized, we must have our Soul be whole and completely present here in a state of oneness. All that we are can be fully enlightened when our Soul is fully reunited.

This state helps us achieve our full Enlightenment of all that we are from within this dimension. This state emerges from that which is prior to time and prior to God/Creation. It operates at the level of non-consciousness and its state is “is-ness”

The “Second Octave of Enlightenment” is BECOMING AWARE THAT I EXIST. Here the field of mind is engaged by one’s mental body. Here mind begins to overshadow consciousness. We are not mind. We are consciousness; however, mind thinks it is consciousness.

We are within a dimension that must have mind to function. Where can we find a nexus between mind and consciousness? This nexus is at Divine mind where mind functions at its highest.

Practices are to perfect our subtle anatomy to be able to perceive our God Self that we have always been within. This includes the training and mastery of the mental body so that it correctly accesses Divine Mind.

These 2nd octave practices are mental body based practices designed to improving ones mental functioning such as in decision making, belief system transformation, realization of Dharma (purpose) and Karmic transmutation. It operates at the level of unconsciousness and its state is I.

The “Third Octave of Enlightenment” is the process of becoming awakened into the awareness that you, I, we are all God. The 3rd octave vibrates at the awakened frequency of light which is the first level of Enlightenment

This level of consciousness is what is classically associated with Enlightenment on our planet and is 99% of what is taught as Enlightenment by the vast majority of teachers. It operates at the level of sub consciousness and its state is light.

The “Fourth Octave of Enlightenment” is becoming aware that you, I, we, all are God at the frequency that is awakened to the Christ Conscious level of love.

This is centered in our hearts and reflects this realized level of love throughout all of our subtle bodies and into our lives. It operates at the level of the consciousness of our awakened awareness, and its state is love.

The “Fifth Octave of Enlightenment” is learning to become awakened, in an anchored state, at a Christ Conscious level in the collective consciousness of humanity of man. This Christ conscious Spiritual Awakening extends into all universes, dimensions, creations, and realities to serve collectively in a conscious union. This union helps serve humanity and the ascension of all into a full reunification of all as God. It operates at the level of super consciousness, and its state is compassion.

The “Sixth Octave of Enlightenment” is raising the consciousness of our physicality (our matter) through the seven levels of Christ consciousness.

This correlates to Christ’s achieving the state of transfiguration (the fourth of the seven stages of a Christ). It operates at the level of Christ Consciousness and its state is unity.

The “Seventh Octave of Enlightenment” is the is merging all of the octaves into a Divine union as one and accelerating them as a whole raised together through the seven levels of Christ consciousness. ( please read the “Seven Levels of Christ Consciousness” found under the articles tab)

This unified level of Christ consciousness becomes expanded through all universes, dimensions, creations, and realities. This expansion then occurs throughout the illusion of time past, present, and future.

Ultimately this state must become fully anchored, established and maintained. It operates at the level of God consciousness and its state is union.

***At this point you may be going “gulp”; however, the practices to achieve these heightened states of Spiritual Awakening are really about 8th grade level! They are realistically and easily attainable for all those who practice.***

The practices are really quite easy “IF” you are willing to consciously choose the determination to practice these states until each level of Spiritual Awakening is activated, attained and then anchored.

Initially this sound complicated; however, all clients quickly catch on.

I would be glad to speak with you about these wonderful methods and their amazing efficiency to bring you through heightened levels of Spiritual Awakening.

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Dr. Aaron D. Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. (retired)

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