When one is advancing through progressively higher octaves of Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening, it is critical to experience each stage to the maximum level of awakened awareness. spiritual awakening attained from crown chakra opening meditation

This pinnacle of consciously awakened experience can be called a Christ conscious level of awareness.

Similarly to climbing the rungs of a ladder, one needs a solid foundation to act as a platform to achieve the next rung of conscious attainment.

In a ladder each rung must be strong and solid. In an enlightenment progression each level of conscious attainment must be fully anchored, established and maintained.

To anchor a stage of consciousness or facet of enlightenment, one must experience that state at a complete level of awakened awareness.

Only when a stage of consciousness is experienced fully at a Christ conscious level of awareness can it be solid enough to support continual progressions of higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

This level of spiritual awakening is the Christ conscious level of experiencing a stage or level of enlightenment in it’s most complete degree of conscious experience and awareness.

As in all experiences in life, we can template the process of attainment to create greater efficiency and tremendous certainty of achievement.

If we template experiencing consciousness at a completely awakened level of Christ conscious, we create tremendous certainty and efficiency in the attainment and anchoring of the various progressive stages of consciousness that we are practicing.

In the “Seven Octaves of Enlightenment” practices, we progress through stages of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Each stage should be experienced at a complete level of Christ conscious awareness. There are seven levels of Christ conscious awareness

If you will memorize these seven levels of Christ conscious, you will be able to apply them to any and all consciousness methods that you are practicing.

An example might be to open your crown chakra or heart chakra. If the attainment of opening the crown chakra is experienced at a complete level of Christ consciousness then their will be a dramatically greater likelihood that the crown chakra will remain opened.

When the crown chakra is anchored in an opened state permanently, then it can act as a platform to progress to more advanced stages of enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

The following are the seven stages of Christ consciousness. please memorize the progression of the seven levels as you will apply them contextually to all of the Seven Octaves practices.

I will present them as an allegory as it will be easier to understand and memorize them.

Here is the allegory:

Imagine you have a mason jar in front of you. There is light within this mason jar. Let us agree that the light within the mason jar creates at least some level of illumination of the mason jar.

We can also consciously observe that the light itself within the mason jar is in an unawakened state of awareness.

Can we activate this light to pass through a full spiritual awakening? Can this spiritual awakening be experienced to the highest degree of Christ conscious awareness?

We can use the intent of our will to activate the light within the mason jar into a higher frequency of vibration, energy and consciousness.

Just like turning a rheostat up on a light switch, we can use the intent of our will to accelerate the spiritual awakening of this light until it is completely awakens at a Christ conscious level.

We can then expand this attainment of Christ conscious awakening to the maximum degree.

Lets begin!

Using the intent of your will, begin invoking and direct more energy, vibration and consciousness into the light within the mason jar. Observe the light begin to increase through a progressive spiritual awakening.

This progression will increase through seven levels:

Continue directing energy into the light within the jar until the energy of the light builds so much that it transforms into an “awakened” (Enlightened) state. The light itself becomes awakened and “enlightened”.
Now that this light has awoken into an Enlightened state, continue directing even more energy until so much builds that the Enlightened state begins to vibrate at the energy of Love.
Now that the energy in the jar is vibrating at the state of Love, continue adding even more energy until it builds to the point that the Love “awakens” consciously.
Now that the Love is consciously awoken, continue directing even more energy until the Love awakens all the way. The Love will literally awaken at a complete Christ conscious level of awakened awareness.
Now that the energy in the jar has awoken at the maximum “Christ conscious” level of awakened awareness, we will use the intent of our will to expand this state. Using the intent of our will we will direct even more energy and expand this fully Christ consciously awakened Love throughout:
Our entire Universe
All dimensions
All creations
All realities
The Multiverse

Now that this Christ consciously awakened Love has expanded in all areas Maximally, we will now direct even more energy and expand this consciousness throughout the entire illusion of time.
The Past
The Present
The Future

Now that this fully awakened Christ conscious Love has been expanded
through all areas and all time frames, we will use the intent of our will to
Anchor, Establish and Maintain this state permanently.


To activate, anchor and consciously experience (at at Christ conscious level) all of Dr. Anderson’s practices completely, it is critical to remember all seven of these stages of consciousness.

Let us choose to receive the greatest benefit possible from each practice utilizing these seven steps of Christ consciousness.

Furthermore, as we attain higher and higher octaves of enlightenment, let us make sure that each new level of spiritual awakening acts as a solid foundation and platform to support the next level of conscious attainment and spiritual awakening.

Dr. Anderson will be reviewing this with you within the first few consultations. Please incorporate these seven steps completely to memory to make certain that you understand each step perfectly.

This practice will have a profound effect upon your path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. From the initial stage of our spiritual awakening, the opening the crown chakra, all the way to complete God Realization this practice will serve you in a powerful manner.

Should you need any help understanding this practice contact me by email or phone.



Dr. Aaron D. Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. (retired)