God Consciousness and Divine Mind

Everyone seeking enlightenment and spiritual awakening wants to be happy and everyone wants to be loved!

Why are we having so much illusion surrounding these states and realizations? 

Are you happy? We often don’t even know consciously!

Are we loved? The negative emotions we at times suffer from often support the illusion that we are not.

We resist the truth to the God transcended experience of joy and love with so much opposition that at times it can nearly breaks us from the pain.

But pain from what?

What are we running from?

What are we resisting?

What is our subconscious so terrified about?

What would happen to us if we fully realized ourselves as God, and lived in the ecstasy of the Holy Spirit?

If we consciously experienced the realization that we are God, would there be any fear?

Why is the mind so afraid of giving up the ghost?

We are consciousness, but mind thinks “it” is consciousness.

We have a mental body. This accesses a field outside of us we called mind.

That mind seems like it is real and it “believes” it is who we are.

However, we are the consciousness underneath this field of mind.

Mind is creational in natures. Its actions engage karma.

Mind creates through “belief systems”.

As belief systems come from mind, and mind is not consciousness (God), then these belief systems we hold on to (fixate on) basically are all wrong.

However, this dimension requires mind to operate.

We here on this plane all access this field of mind which is creating constantly.

Mind creates all of the structure surrounding our lives. It is highly invested in its creation, and will hold on to it for dear life.

But, why is the mind so attached?

Belief systems operate and fixate throughout the entire hierarchy of mind from Divine mind to lower mind.

The mental body accesses this field usually randomly at any point along this spectrum.

Primarily mind operates (about 99.9%) at a subconscious level.

If we skillfully bring subconscious belief systems upward to be observed and experienced consciously, we will find that nearly all of these belief systems are running in negative patterns frequently generating homologous negative life experiences.

Yet, mind marches on using tremendous will to enforce the manifestation and maintenance of its subconscious operating beliefs regardless of its continually generated painful outcomes.

Mind “runs” thousands of beliefs simultaneously initiated through countless life times past, present, and future throughout the illusion of time.

The intricacy of the ensuing “creations”, from all of mind accessed from all people, creates tremendous intricacies for all of these creations to be made manifest (karma).

Lower mind operates out of fear,

These subconscious fears of lower mind are creational in nature as all aspects of mind are.

Yet, mind is not real. It is in truth illusionary!

Can we learn methods to “surface” these fears and consciously experience and realize that they are illusion?

Then, these fears can be released!

Can we substitute these “negative” belief systems and “run” healthy, useful and loving beliefs that in turn will manifest a more Divine life?

As these illusions are consciously transformed into a higher Divine reality, can we (as consciousness) retrain the mental body to access the field of mind at its highest most Divine nature?

In the “Seven Octaves of Enlightenment practices we learn to consciously access negative subconscious belief systems. We then work at transforming these beliefs to highly positive states. This in turn helps us “consciously” manifest a more Divine life.

Furthermore in these practices we work on the mastery of training the mental body that when it access mind to access the “Mind of God”

This is a tremendous achievement within our path of Spiritual awakening.

The fascinating thing about achieving this mastery is that as soon as mind does begin to “give up the ghost” it actually begins initiating the actual “experience” that it is loved.

“I am loved”!

We begin to dispel the “ Illusion of the Original Separation, or the belief that I am not loved.

As we realize and experience consciously that we are in reality Loved, we naturally in turn express more Love.

When we express Love to God, our neighbor and ourselves, we draw the Holy Spirit to us.

The Holy Spirit starts running through us like a river, and in turn we experience much greater joy in our lives, and feel and experience the realization that we are loved.

This begins the Illumination portion of our Spiritual Awakening and God Realization path.

If we transform the negative belief systems “running” in subconscious mind, substitute conscious positive belief systems, learn to master our mental body and access “Divine Mind”, then we manifest a Divine life and pass through a life transforming Spiritual Awakening.

If you would like to learn how to transform negative subconscious belief systems and how to awaken consciously within the “Mind of God” begin Dr. Anderson’s life transforming Enlightenment coaching program and manifest your own Spiritual Awakening!

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Thank You!



Dr. Aaron D. Anderson D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A. (retired)

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