I am very fortunate to have a life that is about service to humanity. I currently work as an RN, teaching nursing students, working on a wound care team and caring for the critically sick.

My journey to this path began when I was very young. My father was a Trappist Monk, who, begrudgingly, left the monastery at a young age. He fostered in me a deep love for God and a beautiful relationship with Jesus. Once, he did a guided meditation where I met Jesus in a garden. It was so vivid that I still remember the way the light fell on the flowers and my hands. In that garden, Jesus told me something I didn’t understand until I met a hermit at a catholic monastery in Aspen CO many years later.

At 16 I met my first spiritual teacher, Ward Flynn. He was a long time devotee to Maharishi and a ‘Coyote Teacher’ (very unpredictable, very wise). Ward challenged me every day of my life to grow, to face my fears and to embrace the beauty of God. It was due to Ward’s passion for spirituality that I was informally adopted by a Lakota Medicine Man from Pine Ridge South Dakota. On the Res, your a Wasi’chu, a ‘white guy’ (that’s putting it nicely), due to Basil’s compassion and love, I was able to participate in deep Lakota traditions where the color of your skin didn’t matter. I carry the scars of the Lakota practices gratefully, understanding that spiritual growth can be physical and push you to your limits. In these ways, its not about sitting on a cushion, its about sweating, dancing, singing, being pierced and bleeding.

Another magical connection via Ward introduced me to an Indonesian mystic, Leon Tan. On our first workshop, Leon looked at me and asked me to stand up about 15 feet in front of him and he asked me to “run at me and hit me as hard as you can”. I’d been practicing Shaolin Gong Fu with Sifu Howie Solo in Boulder for several years, so I had an idea of how hard I could hit. I stood before him and thought, “OK he’s given me permission”. I charged, at about 8 feet he quietly raised his hand and at 7 feet I fell to the floor. Stunned, he asked me if I would like to “try that again?”. I’ve followed him every since. Leon teaches practitioners about the cultivation of energy. The ability to build, see, move and use energy for healing, cultivation of the self and in learning how to be a better person.  After 8 years of practice I met Aaron, and everything changed.

You would never know that Aaron is an Enlightened Master. He is a cross between a cherub and Buddha. The knowledge that twirls around his DNA is so advanced that even after 8 years of committed study, I still don’t fully understand all that he can speak to. I met Aaron at an event in Boulder. I actually walked past him looking for the flowing robes and long beard. So many people spoke so highly of him I thought “I’ve got to meet this guy”. I had to be turned around and introduced as he did not look like a ‘Master Teacher’.. His demenour was so sweet. He smiled and listened to people’s stories and didn’t say much. A terrible life event brought me to my knees and I reached out to Aaron. He gently explained why my life falling apart was such a gift and even offered to help me which I desperately needed. Our first practice exploded a galaxy into my head. I healed so fast and started to grow so quickly that I made a commitment from the beginning that I would put this work first in my life. Regardless of financial status, an accelerated nursing program, the slow death of my best friend, an engagement then marriage and now two just incredible children….this work comes first.

If I could could recommend one thing in my life to anyone who seeks spiritual growth, has a passion for the creator, or is finally ready to commit to a path, it would be to do this work. Rumi has this amazing quote: Search for God, like a man who’s hair is on fire searches for a pond. Aarons’s work first is the pond….. then it’s the fire, all the while it’s reflecting God.